Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 1.14.49 PMI’ve decided to use the really cool storytelling site Cowbird in my project. I had been thinking about using it for some time, but wasn’t sure. Then I joined it and published my first story. I love it! Such a supportive community. I’ve been posting digital stories on Vimeo for almost two years now (142 videos in all), and I’ve already received more encouragement in less than a week on Cowbird than I ever have on Vimeo. I still think Vimeo is great and I love using it, but Cowbird has built a better structure for creating community among everyday storytellers.

While I haven’t completely figured out how to use Cowbird for this project, I have a tentative plan:

1. To post story fragments about the farm while I design/develop my interactive documentary for the project. Maybe 1-2 per week? These fragments will help me as I work through the storytelling process and they’re a good way to let other people know about the project.

2. Create a collection* (The Farm) and encourage certain people (family members, friends) to share their own stories about the farm. Eventually, once the project is launched, I will actively open up the story sharing to anyone who wants to contribute.

*Still undecided. Should I use a collection or a project?

Cowbird Experiment

Here’s my first attempt at using Cowbird. Since I’m thinking of using it for this project, I thought I’d try it out. Pretty cool.

One note: For some reason, this embedded cowbird refuses to be responsive. With my limited css skills, I can’t figure out the problem. And my search efforts have been fruitless. Oh well, I’m sure Scott can figure it out for the final site.

I like Cowbird. I need to spend some more time on it trying to figure out how to connect with other “cowbirders.” I think this site might be a great place to work on preliminary drafts of my story fragments, especially the ones based on particular archival documents/items.


Storehouse is new storytelling app that launched just a few days ago. It enables you to create stories (with images, text, video) on your iPad using Flickr, Dropbox, Instagram and your iPhoto library. Pretty cool. As I was scrolling through the stories that are on the site already, I was inspired. In one story, A Case Against Umbrellas, Dan Bransfield shares his “glacial progress” on a short film that he’s been working on. Maybe I should try to document my process of working on The Farm¬†using Storehouse? I think I’ll try it out next week.